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Asta Barocca Tea Spoon by Alessi

The swirls and twirls of the Alessi Asta Barocca Tea Spoon pattern reinterpret and make light of silverware patterns past. With it...
  • $11.5
  • Lumen Light + Living

    Colombina Dessert Spoon by Alessi

    The smaller version of the Table Spoon, the Alessi Colombina Dessert Spoon adds refinement to the contemporary home dining experie...
  • $10
  • Lumen Light + Living

    Dressed Serving Spoon by Alessi

    The two sides of the Alessi Dressed Serving Spoon--one side clean and contemporary, flowery and baroque on the back--add an overal...
  • $38
  • Lumen Light + Living
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